BetterBricks’ expert discusses the latest high-performance HVAC solution

Zondits, a prominent energy efficiency blog, recently sat down with Maria Murphy, a senior program manager at the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), to discuss the benefits of very high efficiency dedicated outdoor air systems (VHE DOAS), the energy-savings potential of this approach, and its suitability to the Pacific Northwest. BetterBricks is a commercial resource of the NEEA, offering Northwest building professionals the tools and resources needed to adopt energy efficiency best practices into their buildings.

In addition to a nuts and bolts explanation of the very high efficiency DOAS method, Maria explains the many non-energy benefits that come with the energy savings. These include improved indoor air quality, enhanced occupant comfort and reduced tenant turnover (due to a combination of improved comfort and lower energy costs). Check out the full article for an in-depth look this high-performance HVAC system and its many benefits.

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