The First Rule of SEM: You Have to Talk About SEM

BetterBricks’ Commercial and Industrial Energy Talk Cards make it easy to engage your team in Strategic Energy Management (SEM) best practices by empowering them with key learning points and relevant discussion topics on building energy efficiency. These digestible, user-friendly cards cover many of the most common issues that can contribute to poor building performance, with helpful images, crucial context, and actionable coaching tips integrated throughout.

The right questions for the most important answers

Across a variety of categories, each of the 147 Commercial Energy Talk Cards and 100 Industrial Energy Talk Cards feature engaging Q&A content that poses important questions and corresponding answers to drive home the most critical aspects of SEM. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of this easy-to-share content to help you further the SEM conversation and encourage participation, including:

  • Posing questions at staff engagement events and meetings to stimulate conversation and learning.
  • Uploading cards on digital monitors in shared spaces to bring attention to sitewide energy use.
  • Printing and posting cards in relevant areas or on energy boards.
  • Sharing digitally through email or e-newsletters.
  • Making the full card deck easily accessible via internal intranet.

Help your team keep energy waste in check

To give you and your team another way to put these critical SEM concepts into practice, the Energy Talk Cards include Inspection Checklists that cover some of the most important aspects of commercial building energy use: heating and cooling, equipment scheduling, sensor calibration, outside air use, and lighting. Use this simple tool as a starting point while walking around your building to help make sure the facility meets energy best practices in key areas, while also identifying and flagging potential problem areas.

Chart your own course to SEM optimization

For a more tailored approach to energy savings, we recommend using the blank cards at the end of the deck to create your own Energy Talk Cards that are customized to the particular needs of your building and your own specific energy goals. By pairing your custom cards with a customized checklist, you can further ensure that your team never leaves an energy-saving stone unturned.

To get started, download the SEM Commercial or Industrial Energy Talk Cards.

For additional SEM tools, resources and information, visit: https://betterbricks.com/solutions/strategic-energy-management

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