Portland Firm Engineers Thermal Comfort and HVAC Efficiency

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Energy 350 Turns Up Air Quality and Comfort with High-Performance HVAC Approach

Originally built as a warehouse in 1943, the 11 Main Building in Portland, Oregon, was converted into an office space in 2014. Though its existing HVAC system was functional, its deficiencies created an uncomfortable indoor environment with occasionally poor indoor air quality. An energy engineering firm, Energy 350, occupies a large portion of the building’s main floor along with second story space that includes a mezzanine and two private offices—7,569 sq. ft. in total. Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic in summer 2020, Energy 350 management began to consider how they could provide the safest, healthiest and most comfortable indoor environment for employees who wanted to return to the office.

After considering a variety of HVAC system types, Energy 350 determined that a cutting-edge approach called very high efficiency dedicated outdoor air systems, or very high efficiency DOAS, would be the most advantageous upgrade. With very high efficiency DOAS, Energy 350 found a way to improve their building’s safety and comfort, while also helping reduce their overall energy usage and carbon emissions.

Download the full case study to learn more, or visit: Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outside Air Systems

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