Portland Law Office Objects to Inefficient HVAC

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A highly efficient HVAC system brings modern efficiency to a historic building.

When SBH Legal moved into a nearly century-old historic building in downtown Portland, Ore., they knew that a variety of improvements would be necessary to modernize building efficiency and provide a comfortable indoor environment for their employees and clients. Foremost among their building upgrades was an overhaul of an inefficient and ineffective HVAC system in need of replacement. By embracing an optimized approach to a dedicated outside air system (DOAS), SBH Legal drastically reduced their building’s overall energy use by 60%, while improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant thermal comfort, particularly in the warmer summer months.

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Closing the window on inefficiency.

In further support of their HVAC efficiency, SBH Legal upgraded the building’s more than 90 single-pane windows to costeffective, easy-to-install secondary windows. With the secondary windows installed, SBH Legal reduced air leakage by 13.4% and significantly reduced thermal transfer. These reductions help ensure that indoor temperatures remain at comfortable levels in all seasons without overburdening the HVAC system to make up for leaks in the building envelope.

To learn more about SBH Legal's window retrofit, visit: https://betterbricks.com/uploa...

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