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Efficient commercial buildings are better for businesses and better for the community

The buildings in which we work and live account for more than 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. When building owners, designers, architects and contractors utilize energy-efficient technologies and techniques—including efficient heating, air conditioning, and lighting—our buildings become more comfortable, use less energy and have a major impact on reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions. 

Most commercial buildings waste up to 30% of the energy they consume

Accounting for approximately one-third of typical operating budgets, energy use represents the single largest operating expense for most commercial buildings. By taking cost-effective steps to make their buildings more energy efficient, commercial building owners and business occupants can increase profits, enhance tenant comfort, reduce operating expenses, increase property value, and stretch operating budgets.

The first step, and often the most important, is the creation of an energy management plan that helps reduce energy and operational costs. This plan must be custom-tailored to your property to account for its unique characteristics, energy-use, company goals and operating budget to ensure maximum value and cost-effectiveness.

Creating an energy management plan is one among a wide variety of steps that building owners, operators and designers can take to reduce energy consumption. Other steps include strategic goal setting and planning, benchmarking, operational changes, upgrades and improvements, and even employee participation such as behavior change programs. These steps range in complexity and involvement, with many requiring very little investment of time or money. No matter which path building owners and operators choose to take, even the easiest steps can make a significant impact toward creating less wasteful buildings and a more sustainable community.

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