All Rooftop Units (RTUs) Are Convenient, But Most Are Wasteful

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Efficient Gas Rooftop Units Reduce Annual HVAC Energy Use by Up to 40%

Rooftop units (RTUs)—HVAC appliances installed on building roofs—supply heating and/or cooling to meet the thermal comfort requirements of commercial buildings. Inherently convenient, RTUs package heating, cooling and ventilation equipment together in a space that is accessible to technicians without taking up precious real estate. However, most RTUs are using much more energy than necessary.

Efficient gas RTUs, incorporate a combination of energy-saving features, including secondary condensing heat exchangers, high insulation values, improved cabinet design, low-leakage dampers, and heat or energy recovery. These easy-to-install systems are available now to replace existing RTUs and reliably deliver energy savings in Northern climates.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about the features and benefits of high-performance gas RTUs.

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