Analysis of Expanded Efficiency Parameters for Very High Efficiency DOAS

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Conducted by Red Car Analytics on behalf of NEEA, this report evaluates an expanded set of parameters for heat recovery or energy recovery ventilation (HRV/ERV). It analyzes the impact of these expanded parameters on energy efficiency and first-cost effectiveness.

Report goals included:

  1. Analyzing the energy impacts of using lower or higher efficiency parameters in an HRV/ERV configuration compared to standard rooftop heat pump units and a basic efficiency HRV/ERV as defined by the Washington State Energy Code (WSEC),
  2. Identifying the first costs, net present value, and the payback period of lower and higher efficiency HRV/ERV configurations compared to standard rooftop heat pump units, and
  3. Outlining the additional benefits provided by each parameter and which configurations provide the best benefits.

To learn more about very high efficiency DOAS, visit: https://betterbricks.com/resou...

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