Energy Management A Business Opportunity


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Recent dramatic changes in the marketplace have resulted in new and growing concerns for building owners:

  • Soaring energy costs are causing operational costs to climb.
  • Growing awareness of environmental concerns is putting pressure on building owners.
  • Attracting good tenants (and talent) is becoming more competitive.
  • Sustainability is an increasingly important concern for tenants and employees.

If a building owner is not already aware of these issues, the competition certainly is.

This represents a great opportunity for you-their service provider and building expert. If you can help your customers reduce their operating costs and get a jump on their competition, you can improve your own bottom line. Consider these facts:

  • Energy is the most controllable operational cost.
  • Most buildings can save between 5% and 30% on energy bills just by improving operation.
  • Energy efficiency can lead to public recognition through certification in green-building rating systems (such as EnergyStar and LEED).
  • Sustainable buildings are attractive to both tenants and employees.

You already provide top-notch service-your customers are happy, their tenants are comfortable, and the equipment is running smoothly. By adding energy efficiency to your services, you can help address your clients' emerging concerns without sacrificing comfort or reliability. Read more here:

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