Cities Leading by Example: Benefits and Framework of the Public Buildings Portfolio Management Process


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Over the last five years, New Buildings Institute (NBI) and partners EcoEdge, Maalka, National Institute of Building Science, and Integral Group have worked with mid-sized cities across the country to develop and deploy a replicable process to help cities connect the dots between goals and day-to-day operations in a cost-effective and impactful manner. The team has developed an integrated set of open-source tools and free resources with support from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and others.

This document aims to help public building portfolio holders understand the benefits of the Public Buildings Portfolio Management process and outline the approach and key lessons learned for those ready to start their own program. The process is applicable to any city, county, regional government, state agency, or school district interested in saving on operating costs, reducing emissions, and leading by example in their community.

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