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Which Lighting System is Right for You?

LED lighting systems are changing the way we light our indoor and outdoor spaces. LEDs offer significant energy savings and dramatically reduce maintenance costs by lasting two to five times longer than fluorescent and HID bulbs. When LEDs include customizable smart controls, you can save substantially more energy and the lighting can be adjusted to meet your needs. Use the chart below to determine which lighting system best fits your needs.

led-lamp-no-controls.jpg New retrofit LED lamp without controls led-fixture-or-kit-no-controls.jpg New LED fixture or retrofit kit without controls led-fixture-or-kit-with-controls.jpg New LED fixture or retrofit kit with integrated controls
Quality of light question.png Good Better Best
Smart capabilities question.png On/Off On/Off On/Off, Dim, Occupancy, Daylight, Color Tuning
Life question.png three-clocks-slash-scaled.pngvaries by lamp type two-clocks-scaled.png three-clocks-scaled.png
Incentives and Savings
Utility incentives (contact your utility for more information) May be limited or lower than new fixture Calculated or deemed Calculated
Energy Savings Good Better Best
Total cost of ownership Good Better Best
Equipment cost three-dollars-slash-scaled.pngvaries by lamp type three-dollars-scaled.png three-dollars-scaled.png
Installation Cost one-dollar-scaled.png two-dollars-scaled.png three-dollars-scaled.png
Maintenance Cost three-dollars-slash-scaled.pngvaries by lamp type one-dollar-scaled.png one-dollar-scaled.png

Links to a PDF copy and customizable InDesign files for the Lighting Comparison Tool are below.

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