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Garver, a multi-disciplined engineering, planning, architectural, and environmental services firm, was called to audit the pumping system of a facility with four large (350-horse power) vertical turbine pumps. The audit focused on ensuring efficient operation and minimizing wear that could cause increased electrical costs, maintenance costs and potentially reduce the pumps’ lifespan. This investment grade energy audit was partially funded by Xcel Energy as a part of their demand side management (DSM) rebate program, contributing $24,025 of the $32,066 engineering fee. The four pumps evaluated in this study deliver treated water from a 16-million gallon-per-day ultra-filtration membrane treatment plant clearwell to the local distribution system’s elevated storage tanks, as described in Figure 1. After having one pump fail previously due to cavitation, the site did not want to risk another pump failure.

Garver’s Water Technology team leveraged their experience and expertise performing wire-to-water efficiency tests to initially baseline the existing energy intensity and later optimize pumping operation through the development of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs). “No cost” to “low cost” EEM’s were recommended as actions that would increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase reliability, and lower the total cost of operation. The assessment and optimization concepts incorporated in this project are outlined in Hydraulic Institute’s Pump System Assessment Professional (PSAP) Certification, and Preparatory Course offered by Pump Systems Matter.

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