Video: Greenheck Provides a Deeper Dive into the Fan Energy Index


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Fan Energy Index and Best Practices in Fan Selections

Watch and listen as Greg Allen from Greenheck provides more in-depth information on the Fan Energy Index (FEI). Learn how this single-value metric can be used to compare fans, taking into account variables such as fan size, system pressure, and other components at a given air flow and pressure point, also known as the performance point.

“Fan Energy Index is an important wire-to-air metric which can be used to select an efficient fan,” said Tamara Anderson, efficient fans program manager, NEEA. “The higher the Fan Energy Index, the more efficient a given fan is compared to a baseline fan. A fan with an FEI of 1.2 will be 20% more efficient than the baseline fan of 1.0.”

In this video*, you will also learn:

  • The biggest benefits of FEI
  • Why you should use this metric for more accurate comparisons
  • How to better identify and select efficient fans

This video is courtesy of Holden and Associates, and Greenheck Fan Corp.

*Please note: The software featured in this video is a previous version, and its steps and options may not align with your current program.

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