Case Studies

Using the lessons learned from applying the Building Renewal strategy in actual projects, NEEA has developed SPARK, an online tool that allows building managers and owners to customize their own holistic, building-wideimprovement plans. To find out how Building Renewal has saved energy and money and increased the value of properties, review the case studies below.

Why Building Renewal

Brett Phillips of Unico Properties and Wade Lange of American Assets Trust explain how Building Renewal helped them future proof their office buildings. The process lead to savings in operating expenses for tenants and more comfortable work environments for employees. Future proof your building for both its physical and financial performance.


Summer temperatures in Montana can reach the 80s, and in downtown Missoula, the First Security Bank building’s air conditioning system was near failure. The 1950s-era building had become increasingly outdated and uncomfortable for current tenants and unattractive to prospective ones, who could choose from more modern office space nearby. Learn how Building Renewal benefited the First Security Bank Building in Missoula, MT

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Learn how Building Renewal benefited the Capitol Gateway Plaza in Boise, ID. Learn how Building Renewal benefited the Capitol Gateway Plaza in Boise, ID.

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