Benefits of Strategic Energy Management


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High Performance Portfolio Framework

Given the frenzy of the real estate market - deals underway, shifting competitive pressures, and the need to place capital - why focus on energy management? What returns, what rewards will a high performance portfolio provide?

Put simply, it's the tipping point, delivering immediate bottom-line results while adding value in unexpected ways. Certainly you will control costs, but a broader market perspective uncovers many new opportunities - and risks - making high performance an even clearer business imperative. Here is what you can expect to accomplish:

Financial Benefits

  • Improve asset value
  • Reduce energy use by 50% in new construction projects and up to 35% in existing properties
  • Mitigate potential risks
  • Lower operations & maintenance expenses
  • Increase tenant comfort and satisfaction
  • Improve tenant attraction and retention
  • Push leases to the high end of the market and attract premium tenants
  • Distinguish your properties in the market
  • Signal the strength of your management team to investors and clients

Benefits to the Community & the Environment

  • Reduce pollution and emissions generated via energy production
  • Create positive public relations and marketing for your company
  • Demonstrate shared community values to the public and elected officials

Tenant Benefits

  • Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, raise morale, and lower turnover through improved comfort and indoor air quality
  • Extract greater rental value

Leadership Opportunity

  • Cultivate a reputation of innovation
  • Produce a legacy of achievement
  • Enhance your career through visible leadership
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